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As reliance on IT grows, so does the attack surface. With adversaries innovating ever rapidly, they continue to get past defences. Traditional security controls detect and prevent void of historical and threat context, and are routinely missing intrusions. Void of threat context, aligning response efforts and budget justification is a challenge.

Intelworks fuses Cyber Threat Data (CTD) and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) from world-leaders in cyber security and intelligence. We enable customers to power their detection, prevention and response efforts with threat reality. Offering a cloud platform and an SDK and on-premise software to enable last-mile integration into our customers environment. Its open nature allows our community to co-create last-mile integration, while we focus on fusing intelligence and ensuring alignment of effort to our customers threat reality.

We've launched in April 2014 and are actively looking for additions to our team and and partner/reseller network.

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